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These things you want to know

Q: Why are seat covers something I should consider?

A: Seat covers play a critical role in the proper maintenance and upkeep of your automobile's interior. Seat covers can preserve the integrity of your new car seats as well as cover up old and unsightly car seats.

Q: What else are seat covers good for?

A: Seat covers are great for several additional reasons: they keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and provide additional comfort. Plus, they look great!

Q: Who do seat covers benefit the most?

A: Anyone that owns a car! However, if you have children or own pets, we strongly recommend you go immediately to the order page and start protecting your car right away. This advice also goes for new car owners as well as drivers of leased and company-provided vehicles.

Q: Do you stand behind the quality of your seat covers?

A: Most definitely. Our warranty on our seat covers is as follows: All of our seat covers and related products are guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship for 1 (one) year from your purchase date. We will happily repair or replace the defective part, but that part only. Normal wear and tear incurred during the long life of your seat covers, or damage inflicted during the installation process, is not covered. For more return policies info click here

Q: What is your company's shipping policy?
A: Most orders are shipped within 7 business days from the time of ordering. We have 2 local warehouses in the USA to cut off the delivery time. You may even get the product in 3 days after ordering. For more shipping info, check it on the shipping page

Q: How can I be assured your seat covers will fit my seats?

A: We have been a professional retailer since 2013, you can search for our brand Fly5d on Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, we sell universal car seat covers that fit most 5 - seated cars, and there is an elite customer service team, which can be contacted in any time by email or LiveChat. You can upload your car model pictures to get accurate advice. We will distinguish if the ordered product fits your car according to those pictures.

Q: Are your seat covers hard to install?

A: Not at all, actually, There is no harder to install the seat covers, you don't need any tools or instruction books, it just takes a few minutes to install. Of course, we have provided a very detailed installing video that will teach you how to finish successfully.

Q: Are your seat covers easy to clean?

A: Absolutely! Our high-density water-proof PU leather material keeps your car seat surface easy to clean, it just needs a wet towel to disappear the stain or other dirt like coffee stains, bread crumbs, etc.